Why am I so sad?

Why am I so troubled?

For how long will I keep bordering my heart with the past?

When do I find peace again for my soul?

Reconciliation I need you.

Peace where are you thou?

Love when is thou visiting?

Forgiveness I believe you are on your way

Misery hungers to see your faces

Malice awaits your coming

Conflict needs your present

Reconciliation I need you

Day and night I eat fears

All day long my conscience goes in coma

Intimacy has lost trust

Togetherness has misplaced respect,

Chaos roars at me like a flood

Disunity has sent me sorrow

Joy please pays me a visit

Happiness come stay with me

Reconciliation I need you

I am crushed by my thoughts

My guilt has caught up with me, I can no longer see

As a dog long for a bag of bone, I long for you

You are the only strength I need

The only consolation I await

Reconciliation I need you

Courtesy of Maduakor Irene (+234 8138534151)

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