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“Go therefore, make disciples of all nations, baptize them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit and teach them to observe all the commands I gave you” (Mt 28:19).


Q1: Are Catholics Christians?

Q2: Do Catholics believe in Jesus Christ?

Q3: Are Catholics “saved” or “born again?”

Q4: Why do Catholics call priests “father” when the Bible says to “call no man father?”

Q5: Why do Catholics confess their sins to a priest when they could go directly to God?

Q6: Why can’t Catholic priests be married?


Q1: Do Catholics believe in the Bible?

Q2: Do Catholics read the Bible?

Q3: Why do Catholic Bibles have more books?

Q4: Do Catholics follow the Bible alone?


Q1: Do Catholics worship Mary?

Q2: If Catholics do not worship Mary, why then do Catholics pray to Mary?

Q3: Why pray to Mary and the Saints at all when you can take your prayers directly to God?

Q4: How is praying to the Saints not necromancy or witchcraft which is forbidden in the Bible?

Q5: Why do Catholics have statues of Mary and other Saints?

Q6: Doesn’t the Bible forbid the use of statues and “graven images?”

Q7: Why do Catholics believe in the ever virginity of Mary when the Bible talks about the “brothers” of Jesus Christ?

Q8: Why do Catholics believe Mary was without sin?

Q9: Why do Catholics give so much honor to Mary?


Q1: Do Catholics believe in salvation by faith alone?

Q2: Do Catholics believe in “once saved, always saved?”

Q3: Why do Catholics baptize babies when they can’t even understand what is going on?

Q4: Why do Catholics believe in Purgatory as a place in between Heaven and Hell?

Q5: Do Catholics believe Protestants can be saved?


Q1: Do Catholics really believe that communion bread and wine become the literal flesh and blood of Jesus Christ?

Q2: So does this mean that Catholics believe Jesus is re-crucified every time a priest says the mass?

Q3: Do Catholics believe Protestant communion is the same as Catholic communion?

Q4: So then is Protestant communion just symbolic?

Q5: How is the Catholic worship of bread and wine not idolatry?

Q6: How can this Catholic worship of communion elements be Biblical?

Q7: How can any reasonable and sane person be expected to believe such absurdity as the transubstantiation of bread and wine into the literal flesh and blood of Jesus Christ?


Q1: Do Catholics really believe the Catholic Church was the only Church ever established by Jesus Christ?

Q2: How can Catholics say that Peter is the “rock” upon which Jesus built the Church, when clearly the passage used to support this uses two completely different words for “rock?”

Q3: How can Catholics say Peter died in Rome, when there is no Biblical or historical record of Peter ever being in Rome?

Q4: Maybe Jesus did invest his authority and power into his apostles, but does that mean these apostles could really transfer that authority and power on to their successors?

Q5: Why do we need apostolic successors when we have the Bible?

Q6: How can the Catholic Church really be the Church Jesus established when there are scandals and corruption?