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IMCS AFRICA 2016-2019

Download IMCS strategic plan 2016-2019

IMCS Africa with the overarching theme of Promoting Preferential option for the Poor in Africa for Peace and Development”has identified these priority areas, namely:

  1. Reaching out through Our Faith & Spirituality;
  2. Expanding our social impact through action and participation; and
  3. Building our profile and sustainability capacity.
The above will be the key pillars of its work in the next strategic period. It is from these pillars that we will base and develop our campaigns, projects and programs in the next four years with an overflow to our next strategic period. The implementation strategy of the priority areas will ensure IMCS:
  1. Present young people with opportunity to experience and build a concrete spiritual encounter, then
  2. They translate this encounter to concrete action for social impact, and
  3. They build their programmatic and institutional capacity to sustain the impact of these actions.
  1. Reaching out through Our Faith & Spirituality
This focus aims to present young people with the opportunity to gather as a community to share their experiences, reflect and develop a personal relationship with God, and to translatetheir Christian encounter into concrete actions in their community for social transformation.We will focus on 3 key result areas under this theme, namely: Catholic Social Teaching (CST), Theological Reflections, and Outreach programs
  1. Expanding our social impact through action and participation
This focus aims to provide forums and formation programs for young people to develop project management skills, and to respond adequately to emerging global issues. The key result areas here includes: formation workshops and public forums, Representations and advocacy, and Development and publication of formation tools
  1. Improving our profile and sustainability capacity
This focus aims to reaffirm our working identity, strengthen our capacity to tell our stories and sustain the social impact of our local projects by innovating both administrative and programmatic way of achieving desired results, building synergy with other like-minded organizations, establishing functional internal policies and accountability processes, document results and define a sustainability framework for our projects. The key result areas are:administration and coordination, Research and documentation, Staff training and welfare, Networking and partnership, and Resource mobilization.